What to expect, when you return

Dear Patients,

We are thrilled to announce that as of June 19th we are able to provide treatment for ALL of your dental needs! As we reopen our dental office and get back to “normal”, we would like to inform you of some important changes we have made in the way in which we see patients. These changes have been made to protect the health and well-being of our patients and our staff. We will be following the guidelines issued by the Provincial Dental Board and Health Authority. You will be contacted by the office in the very near future to reschedule those appointments we had to cancel due to the mandated closure.

Your visit to our office will look a little different from before. You will notice that we will be observing social distancing where possible in our clinic, especially in our reception area. We ask that you do not bring any other person or family member into the office with you unless required for physical assistance or in the instance a patient is a minor not comfortable attending their appointment on their own.

The office reopening plan includes:

  • A confirmation call and a MANDATORY pre-screening for symptoms of COVID-19 risk will be done over the phone. This must be completed, or you will NOT be seen and your appointment will be CANCELLED. You will be asked those same questions again before entering our office.
  • We strongly encourage you to wear a mask to and from your dental appointment. The mask can be removed once in the treatment room.
  • When you arrive for your dental appointment, please call our office from your car at: (902) 865-7260 and the extension of the dentist you are scheduled to see. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to review screening questions with a staff member. We will also require a COVID consent form to be signed prior to treatment. When we are ready for you to come in you will be notified.
  • If you do not have a car and/or cell phone or have mobility issues, you will be permitted to wait in our waiting room which has been set up to maintain social distancing.
  • You may notice that our waiting room will temporarily no longer offer magazines, children’s toys, or items that are difficult to disinfect. As well, you will notice markings on the floor to assist with patient flow and where one should stand when communicating with front desk staff members.
  • A diluted peroxide pre-rinse will be offered prior to treatment.
  • Our staff will all look a little different next time you are in. The additional protective wear is required to ensure that our patients, staff, and community stay safe while we treat you and your families. Just know that we are smiling underneath our mask, happy to welcome you back!

Please be understanding as we all adjust to this new normal. We look forward to seeing you again.



Community Dental Center